Upcoming Events


BIDS Seminar: Rosemary Braun, PhD, MPH - Faculty Research (TimeStamp: A Universal Method for Robust Detection of Circadian State from Gene Expression)

12:00 PM
Arthur Rubloff Building

Abstract: Determining the state of an individual's internal physiological clock has important implications for precision medicine, from diagnosing neurological disorders to optimizing drug delivery.  To be useful, such a test must be accurate, minimally burdensome to the patient, and robust to differences in patient protocols, sample collection, and assay technologies. TimeStamp is a novel machine--learning approach to predict physiological time based on gene expression in human blood.  A powerful feature is TimeStamp's generalizability, enabling it to be applied to samples from disparate studies and yield highly accurate results despite systematic differences between the studies.  This quality is unique amongst expression--based predictors, and addresses a major challenge in the development of reliable and clinically useful biomarker tests.

About BIDS: These talks include visiting lecturers, presentations on research by BIDS faculty and trainees, as well as presentations about informatics tools and resources to support research.


Chicago Area SIAM Student Conference 2018

8:30 AM

The Chicago Area SIAM Student Conference (CASSC), an event organized by the Illinois Institute of Technology, Northwestern University, and University of Illinois at Chicago SIAM Chapters, is aimed at promoting Applied Mathematics among the youngest research community. CASSC is a conference that highlights application of mathematics in diverse disciplines. It is open to graduate and undergraduate students from all fields with an interest in applied math, some examples are engineering, computer science, biology, chemistry, social sciences, and physics.


Youngjoon Hong
Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, University of Illinois at Chicago

Lulu Kang
Department of Applied Mathematics, Illinois Institute of Technology

Niall M. Mangan
Department of Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics, Northwestern University


5th Annual Northwestern Computational Research Day

8:30 AM
Norris University Center

This all-day symposium will showcase research with computational aspects at Northwestern and provide opportunities to meet fellow faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and staff.


Symposium on Microgrids: Renewable Energy Microgrids for Sustainable Development

8:45 AM
James L Allen Center

Northwestern Engineering, the Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems (NICO), and the Buffett Institute for Global Studies invite you to the:

Symposium on Microgrids
Renewable Energy Microgrids for Sustainable Development

Tuesday, April 10
8:45 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Reception to follow

James L. Allen Center
2169 Campus Drive, Evanston, IL

Hear from technology, policy, economic, and development experts as they assess the barriers to installing renewable energy microgrids in developing economies and discuss opportunities for overcoming these barriers. The symposium will also explore the roles of knowledge sharing, technological innovation, and innovative financing in accelerating the deployment of renewable microgrids as a key enabler of sustainable development.



Data Science Nights @ Northwestern - April Meeting

6:30 PM
Chambers Hall

APRIL MEETING: Monday, April 30, 2018 at 6:30pm in Chambers Hall, Evanston

DATA SCIENCE NIGHTS are monthly hack nights on popular data science topics, organized by fellows and scholars from the Northwestern Data Science Initiative. Each night will feature one hour of structured programming followed by a hacking night with data science project or learning groups of your choice.

Aspiring, beginning, and advanced data scientists are welcome!

Agenda and Speakers for April: TBA.

For more info: data-science-nights.org

Supporting Groups:

This event is supported by the Northwestern Institute for Complex Systems, the Northwestern Data Science Initiative, and the Northwestern University Postdoctoral Forum.


2nd Annual Biomedical Data Science Day

7:30 AM
Prentice Women's Hospital

Background: Northwestern University has previously conducted highly successful Data Science Days and Computational Research Days on the Evanston campus. Based on feedback from attendees, there was strong interest in a similar event on the Chicago campus focused on biomedical research.

Vision: Our objective is to provide an opportunity for research collaboration and networking by bringing together faculty, staff, and students from Northwestern University, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and affiliated institutions with an interest in the application of data science and “big data” methods to clinical and biomedical domains. This event is designed to bring together domain experts and computational methodologists.

Stay tuned…more exciting details to come!