Upcoming Events


Data Science Nights - July 2019 Meeting

6:30 PM
Chambers Hall

MARCH MEETING: Thursday, June 25, 2019 at 6:30pm in Chambers Hall, Evanston

DATA SCIENCE NIGHTS are monthly hack nights on popular data science topics, organized by Northwestern University graduate students and scholars. Aspiring, beginning, and advanced data scientists are welcome!

Theme: ​TBA

Agenda: TBA

For more info: data-science-nights.org

Supporting Groups:

This event is supported by the Northwestern Institute for Complex Systems, and the Northwestern Data Science Initiative.


SPF 2019: Big Data in Personality and Social Psychology (St. Louis, Missouri)

12:00 AM

The Summer Psychology Forum is a two day event in St. Louis, Missouri combining elements of a scientific conference and a hands-on workshop. The forum will address issues of (a) data acquisition, including means of harvesting data from Twitter and other social media platforms as well as mobile technologies such as smartphones and wearables, (b) data analysis, including techniques for semantic analysis, feature-extraction, spatial analysis, and machine learning, and (c) data interpretation, including theoretical applications to the study of individual differences, social influence, social network structure and function, and other traditional and nontraditional areas of social, personality, and political psychology.

The forum is organized by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology. NICO is honored to sponsor this event. For additional info, please visit http://www.spsp.org/events/SPF/2019