Join Northwestern’s Data Science Community

The Data Science Initiative (DSI) welcomes individuals and organizations interested  in joining the Northwestern Data Science Community.  We want the Community to be a live entity that enables members to connect and find help, inspiration, and learning/research/career opportunities.

Membership in the Northwestern Data Science Community is open to Northwestern students, postdocs, staff, faculty and alumni, Northwestern academic and research units (departments, graduate programs, and centers), Northwestern student organizations, and businesses and non-profit organizations in the Chicago Area.

We have created Community entries for some of the organizations involved with DSI.  If you want to obtain ownership of the entry for your organization in order to keep it up to date, please contact us.

If you want to add yourself or your organization, and you have a NetID, please create a new account here.


Instructions for adding new Community Directory entry:

  1. On the top left, look for + New and select Community Directory Entry. This will take you to a page titled Add New Community Directory Entry.
  2. Type your name or the name of your organization in the Title box.
  3. In the text box, type the following information:
    1. Social media handles (for example: Twitter: info_here or LinkedIn: info_here)
    2. Skills (for example: Skills: Python, C++, Matlab, Statistics, Factorial design)
    3. What you are looking for (for example: Looking for: collaborators, programmers, experts in criminology)
    4. Short bio (please do not go over 4-5 lines).
  4. Enter your title/job in the Subtitle box.
  5. Do not enter your Phone number.
  6. Do type your email address, personal website, and upload a professional purpose photo.
  7. Do type your NetID under Maintainer NetID.