Data Science Scholars

We are looking to recruit 4 to 6 Data Science Scholars who will join a university-wide initiative advancing Data Science throughout Northwestern, across a number of research areas spanning the physical, chemical, biomedical, behavioral, social, economic, information, and communication sciences. Scholars will have joint-appointments with the Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems (NICO) – which coordinates the program – and another Research Center matching their area of expertise. Scholars will be appointed to two-year terms (potentially renewable for a third year). Scholars will receive a competitive stipend and benefits package, and an individual research budget. Starting date is flexible.

The aim of the program is to offer a unique opportunity to expand the Scholars’ domain-focused research portfolio, and simultaneously establish their reputation as leaders in the exploding field of Data Science and Analytics. Applications received by December 15, 2016 will receive full consideration. Later applications will be considered until all positions are filled.

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Science of Science Chicago

Science of Science Chicago is a monthly meeting place for Science of Science in the Chicago area spanning different universities and campuses.

These meetings at Northwestern's Medical Campus are for people who are interested in research on Science of Science in the Chicago area. We hope to create a shared regular meeting place for scientific exchange and discussion across different universities, and university campuses, and different methodological approaches, and scientific backgrounds.

Whether you do active research on Science of Science or are just interested in that area, please feel welcome. Science of Science is a young discipline whose perspectives may be sociological, economic, data-scientific, bibliometric, network-scientific, genomic, or historic. ​​

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Data Science: A seismic shift changing how we research and learn

Northwestern News Special Feature, May 2016

A tidal wave of digital information has ushered in a new era of computing and analysis in the 21st century. Data science, or "big data," is affecting every aspect of Northwestern’s learning and research enterprises — among other things, leading to breakthroughs in precision medicine; contributing to a revolution in astronomy with profound insights about the universe; transforming the scope and depth of social science research with significant policy implications, and fueling research about consumer behavior that is affecting how companies do business.

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Wherever you look, there is talk of the revolution being brought about by "Big Data." But is Big Data just a fad, as its critics contend, or is there something at its core that is here to stay with us?

Well before the term was coined, particle physicists were driven to Big Data challenges by the necessity of their large-scale detectors and produced datasets. Now however, we live in a world where not just the amount, but also the diversity and complexity of digital information continues to grow exponentially. Materials simulations and astronomy images are pushing the boundaries of exploration. Social networks enable the exchange of information between people; medical devices and e-commerce record the exchange of information between people and machines; GPS devices and bar code scanners allow the exchange of information between machines.